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Here are a few links to our Acting and Talent "Behind the scenes" videos & Photo concerning our agencies talent.



"Thys & Trix" Movie being filmed at Pinnacle Point Golf Estate. Gemini Model and Talent Agency provided 130 Extras for the movie

Here are a few of the behind the scene photos of our agency's actors/actresses on the set.






Behind the scenes pictures of our talent during the making of advertisement for Kyknet/Kwela - " MOST BEAUTIFUL TOWN OF THE YEAR"

Mercedes- Benz X Class Launching


Fiela se Kind Film







  Daniel  van Zyl  speel Benjamin          

                                 Jordin(Kittie) & Keisha (Emma) en Fiela                                                        Kyra speel Emma Komoetie (SNR)                   LuziunJackson play Baby Dawid          



 Leszaro Jackson speel Tollie Komoetie

                        Jordin   speel Kittie Komoetie                Keisha                         Jordin(Kittie) & Keisha (Emma)    Jordin(Kittie) & Keisha (Emma) en Fiela


            Jordin(Kittie) & Keisha (Emma) en Fiela                   Jordin(Kittie) & Keisha (Emma) en Fiela

                                 Clea Prins (Kittie)                          Kyra speel Emma Komoetie (SNR)  Jordin(Kittie)

  LuziunJackson play Baby Dawid                            Israel Andries play Dawid

 Leszaro Jackson speel Tollie Komoetie


  Jordin saam Zenobia (Fiela) en Benjamin

Fiela se Kind Premier

Jordin wat die rol van Kittie Jnr by Fiela se kind film gespeel het.

Sesame Street Tv Show (New York) and SABC 2

 Liam Bennett 10y old


Fancourt Spa - Commercial Video

                           Wyona Erasmus                                  Eden Radio  

Rooi Lug - Short Movie : Keisha Louis Lead role Brand Commercial _- 12 yr old Katya