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Gemini Models

Event  & Theme shoots


Here are a few links to our Event Videos & Photo Shoots concerning our Gemini Models. There are clips of our other Event Videos  our sister site at GEMINI SOLUTIONS

Click on the link if you are interested to see the range of our other services that we have to offer.


SABC 2 Tv Production for Sesame Street Knysna 19 March 2019  
Ms Gemini Curvy 2019 Pageant (25yrs to 50yrs) Online 5 to 16 March 2019  
Little Miss Easter Bunny 2019 (2yrs to 11 yrs) Online 1 April to 30 April  
Miss Gemini Winter 2019( 12 yrs to 16yrs & 17yrs to 30 yrs) online 1 June to 1 July 2019  
Little Miss Blossom 2019 ( 2yrs to 11 yrs) Online 1 Sept to 30 Sept 2019  
Mr Gemini 2019 ( 16yrs to 30yrs) Online 1 Nov to 30 Nove 2019  
Miss Gemini Bikini 2019 2019 (16 yrs to 30yrs) Online 1 Dec to 15 Dec  
Gemini Model and Actor of 2019 Awards Gemini Solutions Studio 16 November 2019  
Commercial Video shoot at Fancourt Spa George 13 March 2019  
Cancer Catwalk Fashion show Mosselbay 27 July 2019  

Model and Acting Workshops

Type of Workshop

Venue Date  Cost

v Glamour workshop female models 18yrs to 40 yrs


Gemini Model & Talent Agency 13 April 2019 R150

v Media Presenter Workshop Actors from 10 yrs +


Gemini Model & Talent Agency 27 April 2019 R150

v Basic Posing for children 4 to 12 yrs


Gemini Model & Talent Agency May R150

v Basic Posing for models from 13 yrs to 18yrs


Gemini Model & Talent Agency June R150

v Basic Posing for models from 19yrs to 60 yrs


Gemini Model & Talent Agency July R150

v Chair posing for models from  10 yrs +


Gemini Model & Talent Agency Aug R150

v Catwalk training models from 4yrs +


Gemini Model & Talent Agency Sept R150

v Acting workshop 10yrs +


v Gemini Model & Talent Agency


Oct R150

v Best child and adult model and actor 2019 rewards


GeGemini Model & Talent Agency



Nov R150


Gemini Models support our Springbok's in their World-cup campaign.

"Bring the Cup home boys!"



Gemini Models support the Springbok Video Clip

Drie Pikkewyne Music Video - Christo Esterhuizen

Gemini Models Fashion Walk - Diaz Hotel (Oute Pool Surf clothes)

Gemini Model  - Group Year-end Photo Shoot


Guy Magic Video

Gemini Models Spring Queen 2016

                                                 Miss Summer Body Mossel bay 2016                       Miss Summer Body Pageant - Part 1


 Link to Black Dress photo shoot

Catwalk and Model training Workshop 2018

Autumn Catwalk 2018



Gemini Models Fashion Show

Danica Barnard- Miss United Nation International interview video                               Miss Winter 2018 - Plus Size                          South African - Culture kids

Good Bye Autumn 2019 Video

Cansa Cuppa show - Christmus in July: Video link



GWM Promo Photo Shoot 2014










Christmas Girls  






Wedding Expo - Diaze Hotel Event 30 June 2012


The Devil Girls at Gemini Models Studio
Production of Music Video - Dana Bay


Halloween - Photo Shoot


 Click on this link:  Gemini Models Halloween  Video Shoot                                                                                                                        Click on this link for Halloween 2017 video





Gemini Models Fashion Walk - Oute Pool Surf Clothes

Lifestyle Modelling




Valentine Photo shoot


Alternative Modelling



Gemini Models - Year - End Beach Shoot 2013

De Santos Beach Bike Photo Shoot

Sheena the Queen of the Jungle Theme

Fun Photos Shoot - AKV Oord Hartenbos

Guy Magic Video