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Generic Requirements

for Aspiring Models



The market determines what type of models is needed. These market trend filter into the different market segments and create job opportunities for specific types of models….these trends is dynamic and change from season to season.

It is important to understand the criteria for the type of model you want to be. By understanding the type of modelling you are interested in, you need to learn what the requirements are, and if you can meet them. First of all you need to meet  the basic generic features that most modelling categories require...if you meet them you can progress to the "Category Specific" requirements

 Generic Features

There are certain generic requirements and features for photographic Models that apply to most modelling categories.


Facial features

  • To begin with, the more symmetrical a face is the better looking the face will be.

  • The proportions of the face are very important.

  • The face must neither be long nor round, but somewhere in-between.

  • The eyes must be normal to large with a perfect shape; the eyelids must not be hooded (when looking forward the skin must not touch the eyelashes).

  • The nose must be well proportioned and straight.

  • The lips must be full and good shape.

  • The skin must be near perfect and without fine lines.

  • The eyebrows must be thick and perfectly shaped.

  • Models must have an excellent smile with healthy white teeth (no gaps, chips, or unevenness) - there are many cosmetic procedures for correction – if necessary contact a cosmetic dentist for what would be best for you.

 NOTE: The focus for bikini and lingerie models does not lie on the face. Catalogue models faces have to look attractive, while the fashion models face must be very attractive


  • A Models hair must always be in a good condition and cut by a professional stylist.

  • A Model has treat her hair in order to keep it shiny since it has to with-stand the hot camera lights and constant style changes by hair stylists on the set.

  • Hair length for younger models hair can be longer than the shoulder but over 24 years old it should be just at shoulder or above, depending on model

  • It is preferred that Lingerie and Swimwear Models have longer hair since it looks softer and more feminine on photographs, creating a more erotic effect.

  • Hair colour can range from Blonde - natural blond, or blonde highlights. Coloured blonde is also acceptable as long as it is not "bleached looking”. There are many blondes with platinum blonde hair in the industry that is still highly in demand, but it is a case where the look suits the model well.

  • Brunette, chestnut, or light brown and all shades of natural looking Red hair, as long as it is not a strawberry blonde colouring, unless her red hair is beautiful, and works with her look.



  • A healthy model has Healthy manicured nails and beautiful soft hands.
  • Hand modelling - Model must have beautiful long fingers no visible marks or scars.
  • Feet modelling - the size for foot modelling is usually a six 6 - 7 shoe / sometimes they will use a size 8.




  • They should drink plenty of water to replenish skin.
  • Use a good moisturizer to keep skin from breakouts from all the different cosmetics always applied for different looks.


  • The model must be in peak physical condition

  •  Must be very in tune with their look and body and take time to relax between shoots and travel. Models have to stay very active working out and exercise routine on a regular basis and staying on a healthy diet

  • Leg modelling - Model must have well defined legs, no visible marks, scars.

  • Body modelling - these models have excellent bodies, well defined legs, stomach, abs, back, shoulders.

  • For a fashion model shoot, you need you to have a good, smooth all over light tan. You can get it at the beach or at a tanning salon.

Our models don’t recommend either!

  • Keep out of the sun as much as possible so your skin does not get sun damage and fine lines because they will be noticeable.

  • We recommend a non-sun tanning cream that doesn't come out orange.

  •  Try a few brands out before settling on one. Sunless tanning is available that won't send you orange.


  • Models must have a good working attitude as there are many different people and personalities on the shoot.
  • They must also show up on time for every booking and casting .
  • Models must have personality and show expression well in front of the camera. A good model can sell a product with her eyes telling the story.